Expertly Delivering ESG Content Solutions.

At KD Growth we offer full-service content management across web, social and through tailored solutions. We are deeply committed to helping companies effectively convey their ESG efforts.

Align With Decarbonisation

Demonstrate your commitment to decarbonisation, we have partnered with leading consultants to underwrite all content with certified data and insights. 

Deliver Customers Transparency

Customers are craving transparency over investments, we avoid complicated jargon, creating content suited to the most novice of investors.

Maintain Your Brand Position

Our marketing products are white labeled and customised to clients’ branding, ensuring you can maintain a consistent messaging and style.

Justify Your ESG Position

Many funds provide ESG products without any further substance than exclusions, provide depth to your offering with a unique content solution.

Position Yourself As An Expert

Deliver substantial value by providing expert insights into the carbon footprint of your customers investment profile.

Save Time and Effort

We update emission profiles as they are released by companies, extracting them from deep within sustainability reports and from various data sources.

Carbon Emissions Dashboard

Unique ESG Content Offering

KD Growth has developed a dashboard that calculates the carbon emissions of your fund. Simplyfing the metrics behind sustainability for retail investors and differentiate your fund from competitors.

Customised to Client's Needs.

Tailored to suit company branding, colours and assets. Includes full scope of portfolio companies. 

Fast and Simple to Deploy.

Plugs into communications instantly, without the need for development work, API’s etc.

We Proudly Denounce Greenwashing.

We believe there is a delicate relationship between content and greenwashing. Many companies feel obliged to create “sustainable” content, but is it the right decision? 

Content, claims and marketing materials are continuously placed under the regulator’s microscope. At KD Growth we take the integrity of our work seriously and provide solutions free of greenwashing.

Learn more about our stance, understanding and commitment to reducing greenwashing allegations in our article below.